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  I finally finished my new book,  " 1.5 Fret Playbook for Mountain Dulcimer". The book has 63 pages of tab in G, Em, C, Am, F, D minor, D major, and D modal.  It is divided into chapters for the different scales and indicates the major chords, relative minor, and the 7th chord for each key scale. The picture on the right is a chapter page sample.

The Corydon Dulcimer Society's "Spring Mill Retreat" will be here before you know it!  Here is a picture of one of the first retreats.  From left to right: Linda Wolfe, Marilyn Craig, Madine Ray (in car) Carletta Smith, Dave Craig, Randy Tuell (behind Dave), Mamie Armstrong, Denise Popp, and Deb Knight.

     When I was a child I went to a circus and was especially fascinated with the trapeze artists.   This month's FREE TAB is  "The Flying Trapeze" You can add a birdseye in measure #32 for a dramatic effect.  I hope you enjoy it!

The following comes from the Wikipedia:

"The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze, originally published under the title "The Flying Trapeze" and also known as "The Man on the Flying Trapeze", is a 19th-century popular song about a flying trapeze circus performer, Jules Léotard. The refrain states:

    "He'd fly through the air with the greatest of ease, that daring young man on the flying trapeze."


The song was first published in 1867, with words written by the British lyricist and singer George Leybourne, music by Gaston Lyle, and arrangement by Alfred Lee. The lyrics were based on the phenomenal success of trapeze artist Jules Léotard.

The following century, the song inspired the 1934 short story The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze by William Saroyan. The film Man on the Flying Trapeze came out in 1935, starring W. C. Fields and Mary Brian."