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Jackie Armstrong
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     Kentucky Music Institute is now available!  It is a virtual learning center with dozens of classes available. I am proud to be an instructor, as well as many others on the website created by Nancy Barker Johnson and her wonderful crew of dedicated workers. Be sure to check it out!


How To Get On My Email List!

    Privacy issues are important to all of us and to help with that I recently change the way I send out notifications when I add new FREE TAB or workshop schedule. I will only send out the notice to people who have requested to be put on my email list.  If you want to be notified by email, please click on:

"Contact Jackie" tab at the top of this page and fill out the contact information, or you can email me at:


Sometimes you just gotta think out of the box! I have been looking for a new waltz to tab, but just hadn't found one I really like.  Then I saw Tull's Saint Anne's Waltz and that started the wheels a turning!

FREE TAB. Mississippi Sawyer Waltz

I traded some of the major chords for minor ones and maybe tweaked a   couple of phrases.  Try it out!