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     I love the Spring!  Especially when we have a beautiful one like this year with the dogwoods and red buds in full bloom. While the pandemic is still looming on the horizon, sometimes you just want to think of far away places where it is sunshine, singing birds and no virus!  These thoughts brought to mind a hymn I had tabbed a few years back and laid aside.

     This month's FREE TAB is, " Beautiful Isle of Somewhere," written by J.S. Fearis and Jessie B. Pounds in 1897.  The hymn was in an old hymn book published in 1917, I had found at Goodwill. The song became popular after it was used at President William McKinley's funeral in 1901.  Many artist of old have recorded it.  There is a YouTube of Gene Autry singing it in a film of 1939.  It is written in the key of A in the book.  I have also posted it in the key of D as well and as a flat picked version in the key of D. 

I hope you enjoy it and God's Blessings to you all!

     Kentucky Music Institute is now available!  It is a virtual learning center with dozens of classes available. I am proud to be an instructor, as well as many others on the website created by Nancy Barker Johnson and her wonderful crew of dedicated workers. Be sure to check it out!


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