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     We are living in an a strange time where nothing seems quite right!  Chaotic Presidential elections, the covid virus, school, work and church closures have contributed to an over all feeling of despair and sadness for many people.  Have heart! We must cling to our faith and have hope for the future just as Horactio Spafford, who wrote the lyrics to his hymn, "It Is Well With My Soul."  His story is truly inspirational. 

     A wealthy business man and attorney, he lost his 4 year old son due to Scarlet Fever about the same time he lost much of his business to the Chicago fire of 1871.  He sent his wife and 4 daughters on a vacation to recuperate from such losses when news came that the ship they had sailed on had sunk and his 4 daughters were lost, only his wife was saved.  As he crossed the ocean to join his grieving wife, the captain woke him as they crossed the spot where the ship had gone down. His heart was filled with overwhelming comfort and peace as he penned the lyrics to "It Is Well With My Soul".


This month's "FREE TAB,"

It Is Well With My Soul 

melody and harmony.

God's Blessing to All!

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