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The 1.5 Fret Playbook is now back in stock!

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    Privacy issues are important to all of us and to help with that I recently change the way I send out notifications when I add new FREE TAB or workshop schedule. I will only send out the notice to people who have requested to be put on my email list.  If you want to be notified by email, please click on:

"Contact Jackie" tab at the top of this page and fill out the contact information, or you can email me at:


     New Book is Available!

     My new book, "Mountain Dulcimer Beginnings", is now available on my web store page. The new beginner book is more comprehensive and includes more visual and written instruction than my previous Level One book. The student progresses though the book as they learn new skills at a slower pace. My thanks to my friend, Susan White, who spent hours proofreading the book. You are so much appreciated Susan!

Free Tab of the Month

     This month's song is "Lilly Dale", written by H. S. Thompson in 1852.  I have written the melody and harmony in the key of D and G for those folks that like to sing, D can be very high. My favorite YouTube of this song is sung by Tom Roush. Below is the link:



     I first heard this ballad watching a Hulu series based on a community of people living in 19th century England called "Lark Rise to Candleford". It is a sad ballad of a young lady who died of an illness.  Many of the old time ballads are about the loss of loved ones.  The pictures above are of my great grandparents who died at a very young age.  Annie Doolin Webster, on the left, died from child birth fever 9 days after giving birth to my grandmother.  The picture on the right is of Willis Richard Webster, my grandmothers father, who died 2 years after she was born of typhoid fever.  He was 27 years of age.