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How To Get On My Email List!

    Privacy issues are important to all of us and to help with that I recently change the way I send out notifications when I add new FREE TAB or workshop schedule. I will only send out the notice to people who have requested to be put on my email list.  If you want to be notified by email, please click on:

"Contact Jackie" tab at the top of this page and fill out the contact information, or you can email me at:


     New Book is Available!

     My new book, "Mountain Dulcimer Beginnings", is now available on my web store page. The new beginner book is more comprehensive and includes more visual and written instruction than my previous Level One book. The student progresses though the book as they learn new skills at a slower pace. My thanks to my friend, Susan White, who spent hours proofreading the book. You are so much appreciated Susan!

    New Shipping Option Now Available
     Also new to my web store is the option of "Priority Mail".  When you purchase a book "Economy shipping" is automatically added to your order.  If you want your order upgraded to "Priority", you have that option by clicking the Priority button on the web store page.  It will only add the additional costs to expedite the order.

This month's FREE TAB is: "A Hallelujah Christmas", an adaption of the song written by Leonard Cohen in 1984, "Hallelujah".  The first time I heard it was at the first "Shrek" movie with my granddaughter in 2001. I love the melody of this song, but don't care for the lyrics as written by Cohen. A christian group known as "Cloverton" has written alternate lyrics and call it "A Hallelujah Christmas". Their lyrics can be found at: www.azlyrics.com>c>cloverton lyrics or just google "A Hallelujah Christmas".  I tabbed it in the key of "D" with a 6/8 meter. I have posted two versions, one with strumming and one with flat picking. I much prefer the flat picked version! Hope you enjoy it this Christmas.