Jackie Armstrong's Mountain Dulcimer Music

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Jim Fox Dulcimers

Jim Fox is a well known musician and luthier in Southern Indiana. He likes

to use woods that are indigenous to the area, cherry, walnut, butternut,

sweet gum as well as mahogany, western red cedar and many other 

woods.  Jim's dulcimer are known for their craftsman quality, beautiful voices,

and modest prices. His newest dulcimer is a "Mule".  Smaller than a regular size dulcimer it is tuned 

to AEA and has a clear bell like tone.

Bass Dulcimers, Baritones, Mules, Regular Dulcimers and Student models, Jim's dulcimers

range in price form $85.00 - $315.00 plus shipping and tax. For more information call Jim 812-849-6667

Please click on the picture for a full view.  I am currently out of stock on Jim's dulcimer.  He can't build them fast enough!  Call Jim directly to order your custom made dulcimer.